Radical Self Care - A Provacative Inquiry

This questionaire will provoke and invoke new openings and insights.

I intend them to be something you dip into, grab an engaging question, then ponder it the rest of the day, week, or your life.

This quotation from the poet Rilke will set the stage.

“You are so young, so before all beginning, and I want to beg you, as much as I can, dear sir, to be patient toward all that is unsolved in your heart and try to love the questions themselves like locked rooms and like books that are written in a very foreign tongue.  Do not now seek the answers, which cannot be given you because you would not be able to live them.  And the point is, to live everything. Live the questions now.  Perhaps you will then gradually, without noticing it, live along some distant day into the answer.”  From Letters to a Young Poet, Translation by M.D. Herter Norton

Oh, and you're not to let these challenging questions be a way to shame yourself, or make you feel bad about yourself in ANY way.  OK? 

Just play with them.  Look for areas that you want to improve.  It's not about being perfect. 

For example, I used this help me quit gossiping.

Walk in beauty,

The Challenging Questions

Do you consistently have adequate time, space and
freedom in your life?

Do you pay your bills on time?

Do you receive enough love and support from the
people around you?

Do you have relationships that drag you down or
damage you? 

Do you eat sugar?  Do you smoke?  Do you use
alcohol?  Are you addicted to anything?

Do you use caffeine?

Do you use illegal drugs or misuse prescribed or
over the counter drugs?

Is your life rewarding beyond your work?

Do you have any unacceptable habits?

Do you watch more than five hours of television
per week?

Does your level of energy satisfy you?
Is your hair the way you want it?

Do you have ample and healthy lighting?

Does your work environment inspire you?  Is it
productive?  What gets in your way?

Are your files and personal papers organized in a
way that gives you peace?

Are your personal possessions in good operating
condition, including your car and house?

Do you feel comfortable and presentable in your

Are your plants and animals healthy and well cared

Do you live in the geographic area you want?
Are you tolerating anything about you home or work

Do you injure yourself?

Do you have anything around your house or in
storage you do not need?

Are you easily on time?

Is your home a supportive environment for you, is
it clean and neat enough?

Do you take care of your teeth and gums?

Do you work regularly with good health care

Are you aware of all the physical, mental and
emotional conditions you have and are you fully
taking care of them?

Do you have a plan for financial independence,
e.g. saving 10% of your income?  Are you adhering
to it?

Do you have a spiritual practice that you are
faithful to.

Do you donate 10% of your income?

Do you have relationships with people who can
assist your career development?

Are you complete with your parents?

Is there anyone you would dread running into, e.g.
old lovers, people you’re angry with, etc.?  This
is not about hoodlums with guns.

Do you gossip?

Do you withhold the truth?

Do you make requests, or do you complain?

Do you have a best friend or someone you are very
close to, e.g. a spouse?

Do you put people first and results second?
Are your surroundings beautiful?

Do you consistently take evenings, weekends,
holidays off?  Do you take at least two weeks of
vacation per year?

Do you rush or use adrenaline to get the job done?

Do you suffer?

Is your sex life satisfying?

Do you have an exercise program that handles
aerobic health, strength, and flexibility?

Are you feeding and stimulating your curiosity and
needs for exploration?

Do you pine for what you do not have?  Do you
resent others?

Do you sleep well, do you feel rested?

Do you eat appropriate to your body’s needs?

Is your income source stable and predictable?

Are you living well within your means?  Are you
depriving yourself?

Do you have excellent medical insurance?

Are your possessions well insured?

Is your will up to date?

Do your investments keep you awake at night?

Are you on a career/work track that will soon be
financially rewarding?

Are any legal actions pending against you?

Are your earnings commensurate with your effort?

Do you miss work because of illness?

Do your earnings consistently outpace inflation?

Are you complete with your siblings?

Do you get along well with your coworkers and/or

Do you get along well with your manager?

Have you communicated with everyone who you have
damaged, injured, or seriously upset?

Do you have friends who appreciate you for who you
are rather that what you can do for them?

Are you caught up with all your letters and calls?

Have you fully let go of people who have hurt you,
even unintentionally?

Do you quickly correct miscommunications when they

Do you live life on your terms not on the terms or
preferences of others?

Are you complete with past relationships?

Are you in tune with your wants and needs and get
them taken care of?

Do you spend time with people who try to change

Do you judge and criticize others?

Do you take things personally that people say to



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