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How do you Jump Start Your Life?

You can move faster towards your goal of living a life you love wholeheartedly by getting private mentoring.
What are you trying to accomplish this year? What do you think it would take to double your life satisfaction this year?
What would it take for you to move there?
I have helped literally hundreds of people move closer to their goals of living a life they love. Many experience the pleasure of their lives.
Can you imagine what it would be like if you succeeded in doubling your life satisfaction this year? What would your day feel like?
Read the stories on my private practice site –
Read the testimonials. Kick the tires.
If you think you benefit, move faster, try some sessions. I wouldn’t suggest just one. I’m good, but when you think of just one session, you set us both up for too many expectations.
If you live in the Seattle area, you can get the whole enchilada: Life Coaching and BodyTherapy. Otherwise, you can get personalized Life Coaching over the phone or using Skype.
I work successfully with people from all over.
Your commitment in time and money need not be onerous. I frequently work with people once a month for only a half hour. It’s enough to keep you rolling along beautifully.
Obviously, in the beginning more frequent sessions can jump start your results. Email me (just reply to this email) and we can talk about a plan that would work for you.
Or 206.328.2073
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