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Eat More, Work Out Less, Lose Fat -- Metabolic Effect

Simpleology - The Simple Science of Getting What You Want

Dragon Door -- fitness goodies, including Kettlebells

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Eat More, Work Out Less, Lose Fat -- Metabolic Effect 

Picture this. An Olympic sprinter. OK? Now picture a marathon runner. OK? Now imagine you’re a doctor attending a lecture with Dr. Jade Teta, ND asking you, “Which athlete is more muscular?”
“The sprinter,” the audience says.
“Yep, that’s easy to tell. Right?” Jade says, “Ok, now which of these two athletes is leaner? Which has less body fat?”
Some shout sprinter; some shout marathoner. The docs didn’t really know.
The answer to that question forms the basis of the metabolic effect on body composition – how much fat you have vs. how much lean body mass. Before I tell you the answer I’ll give you some background.
Over a sabbatical I read and reread The New ME Diet: Eat More, Work Out Less, and Actually Lose Weight While You Rest and implemented the ideas. (ME = Metabolic Effect)
Check the subtitle. It’s a dream come true. Right? But don’t worry. You’ll work hard. The good news is that it works.
The core idea is to eat and exercise in a way that stimulates the useful hormonal responses and minimizes the ones that make you fat.
Jade and his brother Keoni Teta were medical school classmates of my beloved doctor – Amy Hobson, ND, and she first put me on the scent. I initially pooh poohed it because I was already doing all the things they teach. Or so I thought.
Jade and Keoni Teta lay it out in simple terms. For me and maybe you, they explain why I haven’t burned off the fat I want and why most systems won’t.
After working with their system for awhile, my body composition is improving, I am stronger and I am down to my high school weight.
I already ate well and exercised seven days a week so using their tweaks and getting results impresses me.
How do I feel? I feel good -- healthy and strong.

Carbohydrate Tipping Point

This page on how to use a carbohydrate tipping point tipped me into losing fat. Using the tipping point made the difference. All the good strategies, I was doing was just not reaching the tipping point. 
Reaching the tipping point allowed me to very gradually, and relatively effortless reach my high school weight. More importantly to me, I have lowered my blood sugars.
Briefly, you eat enough high quality carbohydrates daily to have the energy to sustain the challenging workouts and few enough to continue to burn fat. You have to feel into it and notice. You don’t have the luxury of a set number of carbohydrates. You have to pay attention and keep track of your eating. 
It’s cool.
Read more on Jade’s blog:

Watch Jade’s Videos

These three 9 minute talks to physicians will give you the idea. Then if you like what you see, get the book and try their on-line goodies.
The New ME Diet lectures part 1 - 3

Get the Book and Try Their On-Line Classes

You can get the book here =>
On-line classes and coaching. 
Who has less body fat the sprinter or marathoner? 
The answer – The sprinter does. And he doesn’t have to run 100 miles/week (161 km/week) to achieve it.
Walk, run, exercise in beauty,

Simpleology - The Simple Science of Getting What You Want

I have found a program with the unfortunate name – Simpleology by Mark Joyner and it seems to be pretty darned useful.
They say:
Our FREE online training course, Simpleology 101, will show you a unique organizational system that allows you to get a full day's work done in just 2 hours. Our interactive online training makes it fun and easy-to-learn.
This program has such merit that I have replaced my other planning tools for this one. For that's what this is - a great planning tool for getting what you want in life.
The big axiom in life coaching is:
Do more of what works and less of what doesn't.
Simple? The hard part is noticing what works and deciding to change. Simpleology and any good coach helps you to do these very things - notice, observe, decide, change, then continually repeat the process.
Because Simpleology performs so well for me, I recommend it to you and all my private clients.
I think it is especially useful for people making big shifts in their lives. I used it to launch my private member web site, Body & Soul Mentor, in record time. The process would have taken twice as long without it.
Mark Joyner, the creator, claims you will double or triple your effectiveness. I agree. And that's no small accomplishment in my case. I was already disciplined, focused, and effective.
The training program consists of written material, recorded material, short Power Point lessons of about 3-5 minutes, and amusing quizzes.
I do recommend you follow his directions and do all the steps. I did. Simpleology works best when you do the whole package.
To my surprise, it is fun. Get into it, and it's a hoot.
More good news…
Simpleology is a free program, and they will invite you to purchase what I bet you will discover to be valuable products along the way. I have purchased some. I can and will say that I have gotten good value from everything of Mark Joyner's that I have used. Furthermore, Mark Joyner teaches and acts on the principle of the 100% money back guarantee. You will have nothing to lose by trying his offers.
You can get it all here.
My guess is The Simple Science of Getting What You Want will change your life and help you hit your targets. I am excited about what it is doing for me -- Better focus, fewer distractions, more oomph, confidence and excitement.
P.S. Feel free to pass the link on to others, or the whole letter for that matter.

Dragon Door

I have been working with Pavel Tsatsouline, a born-in-Russia fitness genius.  I recommend all his books and videos.   You can start with Enter the Kettlebell! Strength Secrets of the Soviet Supermen.  Nose around the site for other goodies.

He specializes in functional strength which means you get to live a life you love, wrestle kids, make love, carry groceries, schlep luggage.

He has a great tongue in cheek humor and massive knowledge.  I'm a fan.

In the Seattle Area, I recommend Andrea Change at


Notes from the Universe

I love these FREE daily emails I get. I love them so much I forward specifically inspiring ones to my girls. I save the ones that move me so I can go back and get another boost. 
They help to reboot my thinking.
Here’s a recently poignant one to me as I work on healing shame in myself and in clients.
To some, on other planets, William, you get more done in a single day than they do in an entire year.

On this planet, however, getting things done has been confused with worthiness.

I guess that pretty much answers the intelligent life question.

You're still out of this world,
    The Universe

Notice, the note uses my name. When you get yours, it will use your name.
Is that cool? I’m going to update my account with this new option.
Clients love them. I love them. I highly recommend them to anyone wanting to be inspired and motivated for getting the most out of their life.
Best of all, they're free.

Click here to find out more and join the 400,000 others who now receive them!
Walk in beauty,
P.S. Obviously, you’ve noticed that the main stream news creates fear and hopelessness. Doesn’t it make sense to have a tiny antidote arriving in your email box every morning?
Clearly it does. Get some good news.
P.P.S. Obviously, you can cancel your Notes any time.

Wilderness Awareness School

These guys taught me many of the things you'll benefit from on my site.  I recommend them heartily.

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