What are my credentials? After all, I am inviting you to take your journey through life with me. You want to know more about me. Right?

For starters, I have a long record of accomplishment. Look at this list of a dozen examples.

  • I have been married to Suzanne, my beloved wife since 1970.

  • I have two adult daughters who like me. My wise guy friend says this says more about them than me. He's probably right.

  • I work eight weeks and take two off. I have worked with this lovely rhythm for well over a decade.

  • I graduated from Harvard with a BA and Antioch with a Masters in Education.

  • I have a massage license and earned certification in CranioSacral Therapy. Plus I possess expertise in at least a dozen aspects of holistic health.

  • I have engaged in private and clinical therapy practices for well over 30 years.

  • For many years, I have assisted people of all ages in strengthening their gifts and talents and helped them to believe in and bring out their native genius.

  • I have successfully supported my family doing work I love.

  • I have consistently produced countless newsletters, courses, and manuals since 1983.

  • I have regularly practiced martial arts (primarily Taiji) for over two decades and meditation for well over three decades.

  • I continue to receive mentoring and body therapies on a regular basis keeping me honest, sharp, and well mentored.

  • I hang out with geniuses who also keep me sharp and honest while sparking my native curiosity and genius. My private clients occupy this category.

  • And I practice what I preach. Note: I practice, not rest upon these laurels, progress not perfection.

These accomplishments impress me as I look back on them, but do they help you to trust me?

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