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My Amazon Books




God, Death, and Poetry: A Magically Sacred Way to Make Your Life Rich, Deep, and Whole co-authored with Char Sundust.


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My Kindle Books


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I have used the material in Foolproof Relaxation: How to Relax, Become Present, and Be At Ease Anytime and Anywhere You Want  to help tons of clients.  You'll love it.


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Clutter Kills by William Wittmann

Clutter Kills: Free Your Trapped Energy & Release Your PowerIn this book I reveal amazing tips that I have kept private for years.  You will discover ways for you to recover tons of your energy for doing the projects you deeply love.  Read the description at Amazon for more details.













Altar Making : A Spiritual Practice to Deepen Your Connection to the Sacred

People love to bring the sacred into their homes. Many people from all over the globe and of a wide variety of faiths construct home altars. Altar Making – A Spiritual Practice to Deepen Your Connection to the Sacred shows you how.


And more Kindle books to come on my Amazon Author’s Page.

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